L3VEL3™ Neck Strip Paper



L3VEL3™ Neck Strip Paper

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L3VEL3™ Neck Strip Paper

 Disposable Neck Strip Paper

The  Disposable Neck Strip Paper self adheres to the neck preventing hair, dyes, and other beauty products from sticking and getting inside your client’s neck area. The flexible, high-quality material is durable, soft, and water-resistant. The high-absorbing, non-toxic material feels soft and comfortable. The LV3™ Neck Paper is easy to use, fits all neck sizes.

  • Disposable, flexible and stretchable
  • Self-adhesive and water-resistant
  • High-absorbing, non-toxic material
  • Pre-cut, easy to use, and comfortable
  • Fits all neck sizes including men and women

How to use: Cut a section long enough to cover the entire neck area and stretch it appropriately to secure it.

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Naranja, Negro, Rosado, Verde

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