L3VEL3™ Straight Razor Holder



L3VEL3™ Straight Razor Holder

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L3VEL3™ Straight Razor Holder


Straight Professional Razor Holder | Barber Razor Blade Holder | Shaving Razor

Designed for a new level of shaving control and precision, the  Straight Razor Holder is unique in the barbering industry. Our three rivet design adds sturdiness and long life to the handle. The anodized stainless steel is not just for its sophisticated look – it adds a new dimension of functionality by giving the master barber better contrast with his blade. Have better control, longevity, safety, and style.

  • Easy razor blade changing
  • Provides good grip and control
  • Plastic handle with stainless steel body
  • Lightweight and comfortable to use

Razor holder dimensions:  9.5 inches long fully extended x 0.25 inches thick.

Available colors: Negro

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Negro, Rojo, Rosado, Verde, White

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